Web Industries launches WebPrecisionPlus printing, slitting/traverse winding capability for consumer brands and contract packagers

 A new multipronged solution for consumer brands and contract packagers that combines high-quality printing and precision slitting/traverse winding is now available from Web Industries Inc. WebPrecisionPlus incorporates flexographic printing with precision narrow-width slitting and tightly controlled traverse winding or spooling. It can be used in the food, pet food, household and personal care sectors or on other marketing on flexible packaging, such as small tissue packages, mid-sized drawstrings for trash bags and wide overwraps for beverages or towels.

Web Industries’ wide-web printing capability runs at 92 inches wide for single-color printing and 62 inches wide for eight colors and can be printed using a water-based or solvent-based ink systems. It precision slits materials to widths as narrow as 1 millimeter up to 12 inches wide and then traverse winds them onto spools to extend the customers’ production run time. Accuracy ranges to ±.003 inches for stiffer materials.