Suominen introduces BIOLACE Pure plant-based fiber technology for wipes

Suominen BIOLACE Pure for Wipes
Suominen BIOLACE Pure for Wipes

Suominen has introduced BIOLACE Pure for wipes. The product is made of biodegradable, compostable, and renewable plant-based fibers and wood pulp from certified forests. The product does not contain any chemical binders or plastics. As the newest product in Suominen’s sustainable BIOLACE product family, BIOLACE Pure is designed to meet the growing wipes market’s increasing demand for sustainable, plastic-free materials.

“BIOLACE Pure offers our customers a unique, sustainable option that does not compromise on the most important features needed for a perfect wet wipe. Its 3-layer solution guarantees optimal liquid management and the soft outer layers ensure that the wipe cleans effectively, yet softly,” says Marika Mäkilä, Suominen’s manager of Marketing and Category Management for Europe.

The development of this innovative material with excellent liquid management and cleaning properties is based on Suominen’s long history and know-how in producing pulp-based products. Compared to 100% viscose product for wipes, BIOLACE Pure brings superior cleaning power with a lighter carbon footprint and a lower environmental impact.

BIOLACE Pure will be commercially available in 2021.