Sukano introduces antiviral masterbatches for PET and PA fibers

SUKANO’s antiviral masterbatch technology can provide protection for PPE items like facemasks
SUKANO’s antiviral masterbatch technology can provide protection for PPE items like facemasks, gowns and gloves. Photo courtesy of Sukano

Many viruses have been shown to survive on surfaces, including metal, cardboard and plastic. However, plastic items can be treated to trap and inhibit the replication of viruses. Sukano has developed Antiviral Masterbatches for PET and PA fibers that have a strong antiviral effect on the plastic parts, while also potentially helping to reduce waste and improve the sustainability credentials of the final articles produced.

Sukano’s Antiviral Masterbatches work by directly integrating an antiviral additive into the polymer, using proprietary technologies. The power of this technology is that the antiviral effect not only remains stable during the usage of the product, but that it is maintained after washing. This is because the additive is consistently present on the surface of the product, without being released into the environment.

Sukano conducted tests at an external laboratory specialized in microbiological testing and in accordance with ISO 18184:2019 (fabrics) and ISO 21702:2019 (plastics inject molded parts and films) to independently confirm the effectiveness of its antiviral effect on the plastic parts. The result showed that over 98% of the Feline Coronavirus was eliminated within the first two hours. The tests were performed using the Influenza H1N1 virus and a Feline Coronavirus, which has structures and mechanisms similar to SARS-Cov-2.

SUKANO Antiviral Masterbatches offer not only the highest performance, but also durability: the antiviral efficacy of the fibers shall remain after multiple washing cycles at 40 C. All this is possible without impacting the fibers’ physical properties or yellowing.

Application in personal protective equipment (PPE)

Personal protective equipment (PPE), and especially facemasks, have become an increasingly common everyday item. There are a variety of masks available in the market, and the World Health Organization (WHO) defines three categories (disposable medical masks, respirators, and reusable non-medical masks). All are made from different layers of textiles. How a fabric mask is handled and cared for is understood to be one of the key factors in its effectiveness, regardless of whether it is disposable or reusable.

The SUKANO Antiviral Masterbatch is already included when spinning the fiber, which eliminates additional finishing steps like external coating. This helps the environment by reducing waste and energy, saving natural resources.

Extending viral protection beyond PPE

Antiviral plastics could provide antiviral protection beyond personal protection items like facemasks, gowns and gloves. For example, they could be effectively used more broadly in other potentially contaminated surfaces like medical devices, interior parts and textiles of vehicles, sportswear apparel or upholstry.

SUKANO Antiviral Masterbatches for PET and PA applications are the only known masterbatch technologies that have externally proven their efficacy against viruses at different dosage levels, polymers and conversion processes, all of which can impact potential antiviral protection performance.

Antiviral effectiveness

Antimicrobials are widely used already and globally in the plastics market, and may be effective against a range of microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, protozoans, and fungi such as mold and mildew. The efficacy of Sukano’s Antiviral Masterbatches against specific viruses is based on external laboratory trials and is exclusive to Sukano’s offering.

The active ingredient used in Sukano’s Antiviral Masterbatches is a registered preservative in the EU Switzerland and U.S. However, to claim antiviral effect and promote the final product, producers using Sukano’s Antiviral Masterbatches must test the final product, have the results confirmed by a specialized external laboratory, and must comply with local legal regulations.

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1 Disclaimer: Antiviral claims are permitted in Germany on most treated articles and must be evaluated case-by-case in other EU territory. This profile reflects the regulatory situation in Europe. For the U.S., please visit our website. Antimicrobial properties are built in to protect the product. The product does not protect users or others against pathogens. Always clean the product thoroughly after each use.

2 Disclaimer: The active ingredient is registered at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). For more information on applications in the U.S., please visit our website.