SDL Atlas introduces Stretch Fabric Fixture technology

SDL Atlas Stretch Fabric Fixture
SDL Atlas Stretch Fabric Fixture

SDL Atlas has developed a new fixture for testing stretchy fabrics on their MMT: Moisture Management Tester. The new Stretch Fabric Fixture will offer more accurate testing for how a fabric will behave while in use by the end customer.

Previously when fabrics were tested, they were laid flat. This positioning may not portray a complete picture of performance for some types of fabrics, particularly those with stretch properties like those used for athletic clothing and underwear.

The Stretch Fabric Fixture is comprised of 3 pieces that will prepare a fabric sample in a stretched position for testing. The percentage of stretch can be easily adjusted to the test’s requirements using the scale on the fixture’s handle. Samples can be stretched up to 50%. Once the percentage of stretch is set, the sample is clamped into place with a Clamping Ring, removed from the fixture and placed directly onto the MMT’s test area for moisture management testing.

The MMT Stretch Fabric Fixture is now available for world-wide delivery.