Oerlikon’s new thrust pad contacting device for the Baltic crimper

Technological changes to Oerlikon Neumag’s Baltic crimper thrust pad contacting device has resulted in reduced friction in the crimper rolls and results in less wear and fewer metal particles contaminating the crimped staple fibers.

Thrust pads close the gap between the crimper rolls on either side, where they are continually pressed under high pressure against the sides of the crimper rolls and can lead to wear and metal debris on the thrust pads, contaminating the fibers.  With Oerlikon’s new system, the trust pads are pressed against the rolls with less pressure and then fixed into place.  This prevents fibers from being caught and the frictional force between the pressure disk thrust pad and the crimper roll is minimized. This reduces metal debris from the pressure disk thrust pads, making them three-to-seven times more durable.