Oerlikon Neumag’s modifications to RoTac3 tangling unit

Oerlikon Neumag has made technological changes to its RoTac3 tangling unit to produce more efficient BCF yarn tangling. The tangling nozzle has been flow-optimized, allowing the air pressure to be lowered by approximately 10% compared to its predecessor, while maintaining the same knot strength. Nozzle bearing arrangements have also been improved, now allowing higher speeds or nozzle rings with a greater number of holes to be used, generating more knots in the yarn.

Tangling knots can be set evenly with the RoTac3, helping to eliminate frequent tangling dropouts, ensuring better yarn quality and an even appearance.  The efficiency helps to reduce energy use, with the tangling unit requiring up to 50 percent less energy for generating compressed air. The tangling unit is available as an option both for the single-end Sytec One system and the three-end S+. It is included in the standard scope of the newer BDF S8 system.