KARL MAYER’s new MULTIGUARD yarn monitor

KARL MAYER’s new MULTIGUARD yarn monitor gives advanced warning of a yarn breakage and allows for constant control of yarn tension.  Sensor technology and data processing systems can be used to control all the important processing parameters and to implement a range of optimization measures. The MULTIGUARD system generates parameters that can be used for internal production data management as well as quality assurances.

MULTIGUARD determines the tension values of individual yarn at the exit of the creel and transmits the data to a computer for comparison with the target values to generate a status report. Colored indicators show with creel position lies within the tolerance, warning or stop ranges, allowing for intervention in the warping process if there are any deviations from the target values. The system can be used with the PROACTIVE-Warping three-level recording system from KARL MAYER for more information in each level.