Eastman expands Naia fiber portfolio

Eastman, the maker of sustainably sourced Naia cellulosic filament yarn, announced the expansion of its Naia fiber portfolio. Naia is able to be blended with other eco-friendly materials, such as lyocell, modal and recycled polyester, to help produce sustainable fabrics and garments. Eastman will be working with several spinners worldwide to create Naia staple fiber, including Karacasu Tekstil in Turkey, Shandong Long Run Textile and Dezhou Huayuan Eco-Technology on Mainland China, Pratibha Syntex and RSWM Ltd. in India and Linz Textile in Austria.

Naia is produced in a closed-loop process where solvents are recycled back into the system for reuse for low-impact manufacturing. Naia has a low tree-to-fiber environmental footprint and a third-party-reviewed life-cycle assessment compliant with ISO 14044. Naia is also certified as biodegradable in freshwater and soil environments and is compostable in industrial settings, having received the “OK biodegradable” and “OK compost” conformity marks from TÜV AUSTRIA. Naia staple fiber received the “OK compost” certification for home settings.