Compact auto-winder with double-layer arrangement

ZWPS type automatic winder
ZWPS type automatic winder. Photo: Hi-Tech Heavy Industry., Ltd.

Zhengzhou Huaying Chemical Fiber Science and Technology Co., Ltd., (Huaying) is a branch of Hi-Tech Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., and is a well-known supplier of chemical fiber filament equipment in China with the capability to supply complete POY/FDY lines. Recently, Huaying successfully finished a project of replacing a semi-automatic winder production line with an auto line for Jiangsu Shenjiu Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Shenjiu Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd., is a large chemical fiber filament producer. The semi-automatic winder that was used in the initial process had a full bobbin weight of 10 kg, but yarn quality was sub-par, and the winder couldn’t be automatically switched because of the volume.

With the increasingly fierce competition in the chemical fiber market, Shenjiu’s semi-automatic winder had no competitive advantage. In order to improve competitiveness, Shenjiu chose to upgrade its semi-automatic winder production line with the help from Zhengzhou Huaying Chemical Fiber Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

Hi-Tech Heavy Industry auto-winder
Automatic winder technology. Photo: Hi-Tech Heavy Industry

Since the semi-automatic winder pitch is smaller than the fully automatic winder, Huaying’s automatic winder couldn’t be placed in the original position, so only one automatic winder could be placed in position where previously two semi-automatic winder fit in. But this would reduce production by half. After working with Huaying, they came up with a transformation plan where a double-layer arrangement of the auto winder was determined to work. This solution didn’t reduce the number of equipment lines or production.

The restructured production line has been running successfully for over one year now, and it greatly improved the product quality without reducing the production quantity, and met the needs of customers, reduced the amount of waste yarn, improved the competitiveness of the product, and achieved economic gains.

The winder provided by Huaying for this project was ZWPS type automatic winder. Each winder has 12 bobbins, each bobbin weight is 15 kg, and the BH length is 1860mm. It is also the longest BH in the world, which also demonstrates Huaying’s design level and manufacturing capabilities.

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