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The Color Atlas available in Datacolor TOOLS

Archroma announced that the color references of its Color Atlas library are now available within its Datacolor Tools platform. The Color Atlas contains 4,320 colors applicable to cotton poplin, with a similar tool containing 1,440 colors applicable to polyester. Between both libraries, 5,760 colors will be available in the Datacolor Tools platform for color searching. …

Celliant for Pure White Fiber

Hologenix announced that after years of work, its R&D team has found a way to embed its flagship product, Celliant, into fibers that allows for those fibers to be pure white. This expands the potential applications of Celliant to bed sheets and towels, athletic uniforms and jerseys, baby clothes, medical scrubs and more, while maintaining …

Evolon RE

Freudenberg Performance Materials is now offering its customers a more sustainable version of its high-performance microfilament textiles. Evolon RE is manufactured from an average of 70% recycled polyester, which the company makes by recycling post-consumer PET bottles in-house. Evolon RE is available for various applications, including high-tech wiping and technical packaging, in weights currently ranging …

Jeanologia Handman

Jeanologia introduced its new operational model at ITMA Asia, supporting what it describes as a revolution of the manufacturing process for the Chinese textile industry. The model is focused on automation, sustainability, digitalization, demand manufacturing and operational cost reduction. It integrates technological solutions to reach an automated production that reduces operational costs and environmental impact. …

Lindner Flexible Cutting

The choice of the right cutting system, or rather the interaction of rotor and stator knives and speed, also decisively influence particle quality. Here, it is particularly important to avoid fines in the material flow because they negatively affect downstream processes and can lead to blockages in cleaning components or the fine screens of extruders, …