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Polartec's Non-PFAS DWR Treatments

Polartec announced the elimination of per- and polyfluoralkyl substances (PFAS) in its durable water repellent (DWR) treatments across its line of performance fabrics. The non-PFAS treatment comes as part of Polartec’s EcoEngineering initiative. The new weather protection fabric treatment will be used in Hardface, Power Shield, Power Shield Pro, NeoShell and Windbloc products. It will also extend …

Asahi Kasei's Bemliese from cotton linter

Asahi Kasei’s sustainable nonwoven fabric Bemliese has been certified as “OK biodegradable MARINE” by TUV Austria Belgium. Bemliese is also certified for industrial compost, home compost and soil biodegradability. The material is made of cotton linter and is suitable for disposable goods and applications such as cosmetic facial masks, hygiene applications and medical sterilization and …

Veocel Dry technology for lyocell fibers

The Veocel brand has launched a new offering in its lyocell fibers with Dry technology. The Dry technology by Lenzing allows cellulosic Veocel branded lyocell fibers to achieve the liquid-controlling properties of hydrophobic fibers on a biodegradable, botanic-derived materials. Veocel branded fibers are certified biodegradable and compostable under various conditions. The lyocell fibers with Dry …

The Color Atlas available in Datacolor TOOLS

Archroma announced that the color references of its Color Atlas library are now available within its Datacolor Tools platform. The Color Atlas contains 4,320 colors applicable to cotton poplin, with a similar tool containing 1,440 colors applicable to polyester. Between both libraries, 5,760 colors will be available in the Datacolor Tools platform for color searching. …

Celliant for Pure White Fiber

Hologenix announced that after years of work, its R&D team has found a way to embed its flagship product, Celliant, into fibers that allows for those fibers to be pure white. This expands the potential applications of Celliant to bed sheets and towels, athletic uniforms and jerseys, baby clothes, medical scrubs and more, while maintaining …