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Teijin Frontier Adaptive changes due to perspiration

Teijin Frontier Co ., Ltd., the Teijin Group’s fibers and products converting company, has developed a highly comfortable knitted fabric that responds to perspiration by changing its structure three-dimensionally, thereby increasing breathability and eliminating the feeling of stuffiness. Teijin Frontier will market its new self adjusting fabric as a core product for year-round sports and …

Trützschler's new state-of-the-art comber machine, TCO 21

Trützschler’s new state-of-the-art comber machine, TCO 21, is designed to boost productivity, ensure quality and support increased automation. The TCO 21 is the latest milestone in a long history of driving progress for spinners around the globe. It leverages market-proven designs and technologies from Trützschler to offer next-level performance and an expanded range of features …

Huntsman sustainability technologies

Huntsman Textile Effects showcased its end-to-end suite of solutions for sports apparel to Performance Days Digital Fair, December 1-2, 2021. Huntsman introduced its latest addition to the third generation of its Avitera SE polyreactive dye range, Avitera Rose SE. Avitera Rose SE is designed to produce bluish-red shades, while reducing the water and energy required …

Avitera Rose SE

Huntsman Textile Effects released an addition to the third generation of its Avitera SE polyreactive dye range, The Avitera Rose SE. The Avitera Rose SE for bluish-red shades is suitable for cellulosic fibers and blends and reduces water and energy consumption by up t0 50%. The dye features a low-temperature and high-speed wash-off technology. Avitera …

BASF presents sustainable product developments and technologies to reduce carbon footprint

At UTECH Europe 2021, BASF featured concepts and technologies from its sustainable product portfolio, supporting its goal for net zero CO2 emissions by 2025. BASF showed its PU systems for various industrial sectors in addition to its portfolio of basic and intermediate products, including amine-based polyurethane catalysts under the Lupragen brand and PolyTHF. BASF’s PU …