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Barnhardt Purified Cotton

Since early 1929, Barnhardt Manufacturing has led the market in manufacturing purified cotton. Leadership of this longevity requires a commitment to innovation and responding to customer needs and market demands. New market applications demand new standards for the cleanest, most pure, purified cotton available, and Barnhardt has responded with a proprietary set of processes referred …

ZWPS type automatic winder

Zhengzhou Huaying Chemical Fiber Science and Technology Co., Ltd., (Huaying) is a branch of Hi-Tech Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., and is a well-known supplier of chemical fiber filament equipment in China with the capability to supply complete POY/FDY lines. Recently, Huaying successfully finished a project of replacing a semi-automatic winder production line with an auto …

Staple fiber after-treatment equipment.

After-treatment equipment (Figures 1 and 2) makes up the main unit in a viscose staple fiber production line, and its normal operation directly affects stability of the whole production. The LH151 series of after-treatment equipment is the new large-capacity unit developed by Hi-Tech Heavy Industry (HTHI), with a width of 3,200 mm, 3,600 mm and …