COVID-19 Update: Pitt researchers create durable, washable textile coating that can repel viruses

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Student Spotlight: Performance of carbon fiber nonwoven composites in crash tests

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Q&A: The continuously evolving landscape of fibers for filtration

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Meridian Specialty Yarn Group’s new dye house

In addition to Meridian’s expanded yarn dye capabilities, its new technology gives brands the option to buy yarn manufactured in a facility engineered to consume significantly less water, gas and electricity than most yarn dye operations around the globe. Meridian Specialty Yarn Group’s new 116,000 square-foot facility in Valdese, North Carolina, is the first yarn …


The USTER SENTINEL ring spinning optimization system is designed to provide an overview of spinning machine performance.  The system is able to identify quality risks at different levels, such as in a way that causes inconsistent yarn quality but not an end-break or malfunctions that cause an end-break. USTER SENTINEL provides a bobbin build-up report …

HiFyber STP4720 nanofiber

Over the last few years, there has been a steadily increasing demand for improved air quality, particularly indoors, whether in private, public or industrial areas. Likewise, consumers are increasingly aware of the potential health and aesthetic benefits of water and air treatment systems and are becoming more willing to invest in these products to improve …


HeiQ has extended the existing HeiQ Smart Temp line, to be shown at Heimtextil Frankfurt from January 7-10 with its partner Standard Fiber. Bio-based thermo-functional polymer products are adding dual-action cooling at contact to an evaporative cooling technology for use on home textile products. There are three new products in the range that incorporate this …


Bolger & O’Hearn’s water repellent OmniBloq meets the stringent water repellence, breathability and durability requirements for Cotton Inc’s STORM COTTON and STORM DENIM finishes, according to testing conducted at Cotton Inc’s labs. The OmniBloq repellent is designed to work in heavy snow or rain without impacting or impeding the breathability or functionality of cotton or …