Student Spotlight: Reusable textiles for liquid and virus repellency

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Movers & Shakers – August 2020: DuPont Sorona launches Common Thread Certification Program to provide fiber traceability

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COVID-19 Update: INDA publishes Meltblown Nonwoven Markets: COVID-19 Impact Analysis

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In 1955, brothers Helmut and Erich Loepfe founded the Loepfe Brothers LTD. in Zurich. Technical innovations for the textile industry were the driving force behind the development of the company over the next six decades. Loepfe introduced weft feelers and weft stop motion – the first electronic sensors for looms at a time, when electronics itself …


Saurer and Reyes Groupe recently announced the sale of some Verdol assets to Saurer. Reyes Groupe has concluded the deal of selling its Verdol parts and service business to the Saurer Business Unit Allma Volkmann. This deal is a “win-win” solution for the two companies. For Allma Volkmann it is the opportunity to further improve …


With the development of more diversified post-consumer products for technical applications or nonwovens, fiber producers are challenged to produce an increasingly high variety of fiber types, even though most of the fiber consumption is used for spun yarns for the production of textiles, which are mainly “cotton-type” fibers. Polyester plays a dominant role and is still growing worldwide with a 4% average per year.