Movers & Shakers – July 2020: Sateri joins Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action, pledges ambitious climate change goals

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Student Spotlight: Turning textile waste into thermal and acoustic insulation

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COVID-19 Update: AATCC warns against claims of COVID-19 protection in textiles or related materials 

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KARL MAYER’s new MULTIGUARD yarn monitor gives advanced warning of a yarn breakage and allows for constant control of yarn tension.  Sensor technology and data processing systems can be used to control all the important processing parameters and to implement a range of optimization measures. The MULTIGUARD system generates parameters that can be used for …

Zünd Automated Cutting Machine

Zünd is a family-owned Swiss manufacturer of multi-functional digital cutting and routing systems. Engaged in developing and manufacturing digital cutters for more than three decades, Zünd has gained a worldwide reputation for being the leading manufacturer of high-quality automated cutting solutions.  Zünd systems are widely used in textile/technical textile, composites, leather, graphics, packaging and many …

Oerlikon Nonwoven’s meltblown technology

TPU nonwovens have many talents, although these are not easy to tap into. Now, nonwoven manufacturers can receive help, as Oerlikon Nonwoven has expanded its know-how, providing support in all areas from the selection of the right primary materials and their processing – all the way through to ensuring the colors are right. Industry, agriculture, …

Levy's International Water Shrinking and Drying.

Recently, TSG developed technology allowing for the generation and application of cast foam onto the widest variety of textiles in the industry. This development is really a convergence of several smaller breakthroughs developed in response to specific customer projects. SG Finishing is 119-year-old, family-owned textile finisher dedicated to the enhancement of textile products across many …


Web Industries Inc.’s Personal & Home Care business unit now has a printing capability for nonwoven materials that creates multiple repeat designs in the same print run.  This can be used in items such as feminine care products and diapers, bringing a variety of designs to market. Variations in images, color or text are also …