COVID-19 Update: Pitt researchers create durable, washable textile coating that can repel viruses

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Student Spotlight: Performance of carbon fiber nonwoven composites in crash tests

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Q&A: The continuously evolving landscape of fibers for filtration

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Levy's International Water Shrinking and Drying.

Recently, TSG developed technology allowing for the generation and application of cast foam onto the widest variety of textiles in the industry. This development is really a convergence of several smaller breakthroughs developed in response to specific customer projects. SG Finishing is 119-year-old, family-owned textile finisher dedicated to the enhancement of textile products across many …


Web Industries Inc.’s Personal & Home Care business unit now has a printing capability for nonwoven materials that creates multiple repeat designs in the same print run.  This can be used in items such as feminine care products and diapers, bringing a variety of designs to market. Variations in images, color or text are also …


Sonobond Ultrasonics’ textile assembly machines help to increase production speed and create barrier seams that satisfy regulatory requirements for face masks, medical gowns and other nonwoven textile medical supplies needed during the COVID-19 pandemic. The company has been granted a waiver from Pennsylvania’s COVID-19 Orders so it can continue producing equipment that assembles medical supplies. …


Oerlikon Manmade Fibers will be focusing on two core technologies for its Egy Stitch & Tex 2020 presentation, with the new generation of Oerlikon Baramag eAFK Evo texturing machines to be unveiled within the African market for the first time and Oerlikon Neumag’s BCF S8 monocolor and tricolor system, focusing on the Egyptian and Middle …


Monforts customer Rajby Textiles is the first company in the world to achieve the Cradle to Cradle (C2C) Platinum Standard for its Beluga denim fabrics.  The fabrics have gained the ultimate sustainability score in all five categories covered by the C2C standard. The C2C Cetified Product Standard guides designers and manufacturers through a process to …