Movers & Shakers – January 2022: NatureWorks announces new headquarters and advanced biopolymer research facility

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Student Spotlight: Driving performance improvement for PLA in fibers and nonwovens

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INDEX readies for prime time, in hybrid form

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Toray EcodearTM N510 Plant-Based Nylon for Sportswear

Toray Industries has developed a nylon 510 (N510) fiber that incorporates 100% bio-based synthetic polymer content as defined under section 3.1.5 of ISO 16620-1: 2015, the international standard for the bio-based content of plastics.  Ecodear N510 will be the first 100% plant-based nylon fiber in Toray’s Ecodear lineup. While primarily for sports and outdoor fabrics, …

NatureWorks Headquarters

In the dynamic and global textile fiber industry with its various manufacturing processes and end-uses, news and information is breaking on a daily basis. International Fiber Journal is tracking stories relevant to our industry from manmade to natural to bio-based fibers, innovations in nonwoven, woven, braided and technical textiles, technologies for additives, bonding, coatings and polymers, and …


Archroma and Jeanologia collaborated to launch an eco-advanced alternative to the denim fabric washing process, combining Archroma’s Pure Indigo Icon dyeing system and the water-free and chemical-free G2 Dynamic finishing technology from Jeanologia. The solution can be used with Archroma coloration systems such as Indigo Reflection or Pure Understones.  The Pure Indigo Icon is based …

Vegeto Milkweed Fiber Seeds

Vegeto, a Canada-based leader in the sustainable production and processing of plant textile fibers, has launched a high-performance milkweed insulation material. This new product represents an eco-friendly solution for the outdoor clothing and equipment market, notably jackets, handwear and sleeping bags. The nonwoven laminated textile insulation is a mix of milkweed and kapok fibers, and …

Fiber arrangement for facemask materials

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) spreading worldwide, International Fiber Journal is tracking stories relevant to the textile fiber industry. Facemasks, personal protective equipment, medical supplies and wipes are among the fiber-intensive technologies particularly relevant to the COVID-19 response effort. And as manufacturers of these technologies and others struggle to meet global demand in the face of the …