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Founded in 1946, Frankl & Thomas specializes in products for synthetic fibers such as Nippon Nozzle spinnerettes for extrusion and jet strips for spun lace non wovens. It also sells separator rolls,, polymer cleaning systems and hollow fiber extrusion systems from Filatec. In spun lace it maintains a leadership position in conjunction with Nippon Nozzle for spun lace jet strips. It is also an OEM supplier of jet strips to one of the two leading producers of spun lace lines.
F&T also supplies staple cutter blades made of stainless steel with a variety of coatings in plain stainless steel, tool steel as well as tungsten carbide. It also supplies slitter blades engineered for the customer’s exact requirements. The slitter blades are custom manufactured to perform an exact function. Custom blade features include grinding, honing, and various coatings which include a new diamond-like coating with a hardness that approaches that of a real diamond. Special metals are available for unique situations.
Contact our experts for your requirements at (800) 832-7746 (TEC SPIN): Al Thomas, President X 12; Mike Alexander, Weaving X 15; Wes Wood, Parts and Inventory X17; Trish Graham, Comptroller X14; Diane Roller, Sales Administrator X10, Bennette Cornwell SC X 20, Putt Church, GA & AL (706) 888-1509, and Jack Wilborne, NC & VA (336) 707-2278.

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