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Industrial Plating Company has expertise in surface finishing a wide range of industrial parts for the synthetic fiber industry. We have the capacity and capability to provide original coatings to new parts, as well as repair worn or damaged textile parts to their original specifications. Our employees are highly skilled craftsmen and technicians; quality and service is a critical focus during every job. We use knowledge and experience developed over more than 47 years to apply industrial hard chrome, ceramic, metal, and tungsten carbide finishes complying with critical specifications and standards. The company has been ISO Certified since 1995.

We are experts in refinishing Godet, Separator rolls, Groove rolls, Crimper rolls, Winder rolls, Sunflower wheels, Finish applicators, Thread guides, Bail rollers, Draw pins, Cooling Drums and many other textile components that require Industrial Hard Chrome, Ceramic, or Carbide Coatings. We also provide fabrication services to replace textile components beyond refurbishment.