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Gear metering pumps and meter mix dispense systems.

In 1948 Mahr created its line of metering pumps in support of Prof. Schlack who invented, in 1938, the Perlon fibre (Polyamide 6). The complete line of high-precision gear metering pumps has been manufactured under the brand name ‘Feinpruef’. Aptly named the ‘spinning pump’, the Feinpruef high-precision gear metering pump excelled in the synthetic textile industry. Known for its superior manufacturing and metallurgy, major manufacturers still choose the Feinpruef pump as their partner today. Mahr Metering Systems Corporation manufactured its first automated meter/mix/dispense system in 1992. Since this time, systems have been supplied to many diverse markets, such as adhesives, chemicals, paints, plastics, and silicones. Mahr has formed alliances with many raw material suppliers, acting jointly in research and development to create effective metering systems for new materials. During this research Mahr has found new ways to accurately meter under almost any strenuous condition, including extremes of pressure, viscosity and temperature. We offer custom design for every system to meet exact operating requirements.