Price-Driscoll Corporation

Price-Driscoll is a manufacturer of mold release products located in Wateford, CT with over 67 years of service and experience in the spinnerette sprays, aerosol filling, silicones, mold releases and mold cleaners. Price-Driscoll offers a complete line of EPA Compliant and quality spinnerette spray products and silicone release agents. These products are fine tuned to allow less cleaning of the spinnerette head. You can choose from: Nylon with vertical spray and temp stability of 600 degrees F; Polyester with vertical spray and a temp stability of 575 degrees F; and All Purpose Yellow Label with horizontal spray with a temp stability of 900 degrees F. Our Spinnerette Sprays are Non-flammable, EPA Compliant, Non-combustible and contain No CFC’s or chlorinated solvents. Each can contains 18 net weight ounces and are packaged 12 cans per case.




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