DM&E Corporation

DM&E is the largest manufacturer of tow cutters and tension stands in the world, with installations on every continent. We are also the primary source for tow crimper replacement parts and repairs in the US.

Tow cutter capacity ranges from laboratory to 25 tons/hour. Cut lengths from 1.5 mm to 200mm are produced daily on our equipment. Of course we cut polyester and polypropylene, but liquid crystal and aramid fibers are also successfully processed. We have cutter reels and replacement parts for all makes.

Crimper rolls and stuffing boxes require precision workmanship and process knowledge for peak performance. Selection of materials and tolerances is critical. Our staple process experience and engineering background assure that replacement parts and repairs are superior.

What else do we do? Consultation and seminars on staple fiber processing – spinning through baling. Design and build pilot drawlines, crimpers, tow stackers, tow plaiters, and tension control equipment. Manufacture and repair of spin pack parts. Build-to-print precision manufacturing. Reverse engineering of critical components for all types of machinery. Custom machine solutions for non-fiber applications.




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